A New Toy

I’m starting to venture into different things for the flea market.  One of the people who runs it suggested adding a few things to be more enticing, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

002 (800x600)

I’ve added letters that are painted and decoupaged, people seem to like them!


I’m not going to be selling misc. flea market finds, but my intention is to continue with the flip idea, which means more recycling objects and items.  That being said here’s my new toy!

Yes, I know, it IS scarey looking!  It’s a bottle cutter, so hopefully in the next month or so you’ll see some new items!  Stay tuned to see what I come up with!


I’m tired.

Tonight I find myself having second thoughts about this “hobby” of mine.  Yes, I need the creative outlet and yes, I enjoy the hunt.  But most of all I love the challenge of bringing new life to something that was thrown away, is unwanted, unloved and no longer beautiful.  There is a great satisfaction in turning something around and makeing it wanted.  I know, it’s pretty obvious that there’s something subliminal going on here.

Frankly, I’m tired.  It’s hard non-stop work.  One of my two days off (Sunday) is flea market day so that means I come home from work on Saturday, pick up the rental van, and load it up.  Sunday morning I go to the market, unload, sell (hopefully) load the remainders back up, come home, unload the van and take it back to the rental place.  My “day off” is by far the hardest and longest work day of the week.  It’s constant search and work.  But it’s not just that.  Sometimes I just get tired of doing everything by myself.  Let’s face it, I’m of a certain age,and never married so I’m used to taking care of and doing  everything by myself, but sometimes I’m tired of it.

The other thing is I miss my apartment looking nice.  I work out of what used to be my guest room, and my dining room and hallway are overflowing with furniture to be flipped or sold.  Misc. pieces are scattered in the living room and by the kitchen. I’m not a neat freak, but I am tired of having to walk through a maze of furniture, paint, and misc. things every day.  I’m tired of feeling like a hoarder.  I’m tired of my apartment looking like a hoarder lives here.

So I’m not sure I’ll keep the flipping up after this summer season.   When I started flipping furniture and the blog, I said it was about re-purposing furniture while reinventing myself.  I have made some discoveries about myself over the last year.  But I don’t know that I have the mental energy to keep it going.   Sorry for the rant, but I just needed to talk it out and whine a bit.

Okay, enough of that!  I know you’re really here to see what I’ve been up to, so….  Here a few cute pieces that will be for sale tomorrow at the Somerville Flea!

004 (800x600)    015

This cutie was inspired by my friend Kelly who not only loves everything beachy, but her son is in the navy.

021 (800x600)

A boring coat rack.

019 018

A cute coat rack!

And now for this weeks favorite flip….

025 (600x800)


013 (600x800)    012 (600x800)


Thanks for staying with me and reading through my pity party.  And thanks for your support!!