Hot off the press….or rather out of the workroom!

Here are a few of my latest pieces, just finished before heading out to work!  More later!


Image before   Image  after


Image before  Image  after


Image before   Image  after


Image  before   Image after


Gone But Not Forgotten!

Yesterday was my third flea market and it went fairly well.  Gale force winds dominated all afternoon, so many of us spent most of the time trying to hold down our tents.  Let me tell you, that’s a good workout for the arms!!  Three pieces were damaged when they went flying, but oddly enough, I still sold two of the three!!  Marked down prices help!

I haven’t posted many pictures lately so here are some of the pieces recently sold.  It is sad when I let a piece go, a piece I put time and energy into but I’m glad they’re going to good homes.  Most buyers really love the pieces.  So here the are…gone, but not forgotten!   More pictures to come!!

Image  ImageImage

Image    Image                  Image


The Purrfect Helper

Some people have husbands to help with projects, some people have wives.  Some people have significant others to help, some people have friends.  I have a cat.   Mia the Purrfect  follows me and loves to be with me when I’m working on furniture.  I’m sure she’s inspecting the spots I can see under the tables, shelves, etc.!



Mia inspecting my paint coverage under the table.


It was bound to happen some time….kitty paw prints in black paint!

First Flea Market

Well, today was my first time to sell at a flea market.  I guess it went as well as it could considering it was cold and RAINY all day!  Ugh!  Who ordered the rain?   I did sell three small pieces so that’s not too bad.  I didn’t bring too many things, which in the end was good so that I could keep things out of the rain…for the most part!   Note to self:  Add to “survival list” a sqeegee!!  

I also got good feedback from other vendors and customers.  We are all hopeful that next weekend will be fabulous!!  I have three more Sundays to go!ImageImage


Things I’ve Learned Today…

As you know, this flipping thing is a new hobby and I’m learning as I go.  Some big things, some little.

As I was loading up the rental van this afternoon for tomorrow’s flea market, I’ve learned :

1. I really need to work in day light or at least in a well lit room!!   Day light hours aren’t really possible. I guess I need to buy more lamps.

2. I shouldn’t try to do quick fix ups.  It will make things worse.  If the piece needs to be reworked or refined do it right.

3. I shouldn’t beat myself up.  I’m learning and must try to not be so hard on myself because things aren’t as perfect as I want them or expect them to be.

My First Sales!!

I know I haven’t posted anything recently.  I really don’t know where the time goes!!  I still am learning about how to blog, so I hope you’ll continue to bare with me!

I’ve been busy flipping and even sold five pieces already!!  This was the first piece to sell, “The Hoffman.”  I sold it to my friend Annie and she even gave the task to find two chairs to go with it!  I think I have, so more to come on that!



The Hoffman with a happy owner!  First Sale!!

The Hoffman with a happy owner! First Sale!!

I also sold “Big Sister” and “Little Sister” to my friend Janice, who as of now is my best customer!!  She’s purchased 4 pieces from me!  Thank you Janice!

Image  For your viewing pleasure below are the before pictures of “The Sisters!”

Image     Image

Tomorrow is a big day!!  I’ll be selling at my first flea market!  I really have no idea what to expect, but wish me luck!!!

There will be photos, I promise!!