Death of Flip

I was always afraid of the day when I would see one of my flips on the side of the road.  Sadly that day was yesterday, and it was my own doing.

You may remember this wonderful lego table.  It was very cute and I thought for sure someone would want it.  I had it at the flea market all last summer and although kids liked to play with it, no one bought it.  So when I moved into the new indoor space in November, I thought surely someone would buy it as a Christmas present.   But no.DSCF1814    lego

The other day I decided to take it out of the booth to make room for some other things.  I decided I was going to donate it to a shelter for homeless families or abused kids. As I was loading into the van on a windy day, I dropped it and broke it.  It was beyond anything I could repair.  So yesterday I put it out on the curb with the hopes that someone else would come along and rescue it.  Maybe they could repair it or turn it into something else.


It was a sad moment seeing one of my “babies” left abandoned.  Yes, I know I get too attached and sentimental about things.  But when I came home last night I saw it was gone, so hopefully it’s gone on to another new life.


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