Tables and chairs and things…oh my!

My first flea market date is supposed to be mid June, so I’ve been busy flipping.  My job keeps me very busy beginning in May so I’ve been trying to get ahead of things.  I have more time and energy to flip now than I will later, so…

his is my dining room today…well what used to be my dining room. Everything except two chairs in the foreground is flipped and ready to go. You can’t even see the right side where there’s more!  The funny thing is I have two out of town trips coming up, and my suit case and carry on bags are in the far left corner.  OOPS!!

It occurred to me the other day as I was shopping for more items that I need to slow down; my first date is still two months out!!  So I guess I need to slow down since I have no more room to work or store pieces.  My work space is pretty full too. It’s actually all good because my work schedule is starting to pick up and will steam roll from here on out, so all the hard work the last couple of months and getting ahead was a good idea!  It’s just  hunting for new things is addictive!!  But I have no more room, so the hunt must stop for a bit.

In the meantime meet some of my newest and most favorite flips!


I’ve been looking for a dresser that I could try out an idea on.  I have to admit, it’s not an original idea but I saw it somewhere else and loved it and couldn’t way to do it.

What do you think?  I LOVE it!!  It’s one of those pieces I’m tempted to keep, but if you’ve ever seen my apartment, you know I can’t.  Unless I get rid of something else, sigh.

drsseraft2  drsseraft3

This next piece I’m really proud of because I had to stretch my upholstery skills and knowledge.

n ugly chair, but with good bones and was in good shape.  It just needed a make over.  However, it took a lot of work and thought.  I wasn’t worried about the seat, it’s like every other chair seat I’ve done, but the back was a different story. I’d never done a back before, so I had to take it apart carefully and figure out how it was done.  The curves added another tricky element!


Naked chair!!

I figured it out and I am so proud of it!

uphaft1     uphaft3
t’s beautiful if I do say so myself!  I did have one little issue concerning staples… but I think I resolved it, or at least covered it up so it’s not a problem unless someone looks REALLY hard.

And finally a nice triple mirror.

DSCF1758mirroraft mirroraft2

More to come!



A couple of months ago, I had a dream…yes I know for all of my musical theatre friends that’s a song cue!  But in this case I did have a dream and it was about me adding pillows to my inventory for flips by phipps.  Last year I started trying to add a few things to my flea market spot that weren’t furniture–smaller things– like clocks made out of records, lanterns made out of wine bottles, so why not pillows?  And the fun thing is you flip them…

One one side it says…

pillow1And on the other side it says…






Get it??  These are just the prototypes.  My sewing skills aren’t great but I think once I get the hang of it I can make them and make them look nice.  There is also quite a bit of hand finishing.  The real issue is the letters are iron on, and I can get a packet with all the letters I need except one.  In the packets there are two of each letter except for “F” how annoying!!!!  And the packets aren’t cheap.  So I figure I’ll make a couple more pillows and see how they do at the market this season.  If they’re a hit, I’ll look into having the wording silk screened.

What do you think?  Suggestions??