My First Sales!!

I know I haven’t posted anything recently.  I really don’t know where the time goes!!  I still am learning about how to blog, so I hope you’ll continue to bare with me!

I’ve been busy flipping and even sold five pieces already!!  This was the first piece to sell, “The Hoffman.”  I sold it to my friend Annie and she even gave the task to find two chairs to go with it!  I think I have, so more to come on that!



The Hoffman with a happy owner!  First Sale!!

The Hoffman with a happy owner! First Sale!!

I also sold “Big Sister” and “Little Sister” to my friend Janice, who as of now is my best customer!!  She’s purchased 4 pieces from me!  Thank you Janice!

Image  For your viewing pleasure below are the before pictures of “The Sisters!”

Image     Image

Tomorrow is a big day!!  I’ll be selling at my first flea market!  I really have no idea what to expect, but wish me luck!!!

There will be photos, I promise!!


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