Gone But Not Forgotten!

Yesterday was my third flea market and it went fairly well.  Gale force winds dominated all afternoon, so many of us spent most of the time trying to hold down our tents.  Let me tell you, that’s a good workout for the arms!!  Three pieces were damaged when they went flying, but oddly enough, I still sold two of the three!!  Marked down prices help!

I haven’t posted many pictures lately so here are some of the pieces recently sold.  It is sad when I let a piece go, a piece I put time and energy into but I’m glad they’re going to good homes.  Most buyers really love the pieces.  So here the are…gone, but not forgotten!   More pictures to come!!

Image  ImageImage

Image    Image                  Image



2 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten!

  1. HI, I bought your red paisley table and absolutely love it!! Hoping to see you next weekend if I can make it. Do you have any pics of new items? Thanks again for your work, Marie T.

    • Hi Marie, thank you for your nice message! I’m glad you’re happy with the table. It was my favorite piece so I’m glad it went to someone who really loves it! Does it fit where you wanted or did you go with plan B? I’m busy working on some new pieces for Sunday. I’ll try to post some by Saturday. I hope to see you Sunday.


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