Getting Ready for the Summer Flea Market

Here are few of the latest flips as I’m busy trying to get ready for the summer flea market.  The first day is Sunday, June 1 so if you’re anywhere near Somerville, MA come see me.Of course if you see something you like, and live near by you can buy now!!  Let me know!

Remember the Alien bookcase???  Here it is!  I love it!

007 (600x800)      031 (1024x768)

An adorable small side table.  I was inspired by the expensive designer shoes with the red soles!

005 (2) (1024x768)       015 (1024x768)

Below is a cute end table. I’m currently working another to  match it.  They aren’t a pair but when I’m finished with the second piece I’m hoping people will see them as an “unmatched pair!”

003 (768x1024)        012 (768x1024)

I love this chair!!

009 (768x1024)        047 (768x1024)

STAY TUNED!!  More before and after photos to come!!


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