Do you need a great little piece of furniture???

Just because my flea market season is over and I’m taking a break from flipping doesn’t mean I don’t have anything for sale!!  Do you have a spot that just needs……something?  Do you have a child that asked Santa for his or her own chair??  Check out the items here!  They’re all for sale and I would love to see my dining room!!  I don’t ship so you’ll need to be local, or willing to come pick it up!

002 (800x600)   020
Before                                                                 After

??????????????????????        009 (600x800)
A cute child’s chair with various sea creatures on the back and seat.

It was a boring square table, but now it’s not!  And it turns out it’s probably a game table because the top swivels.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

Anyone need a rocking horse?  Kids love it!

??????????????????????   ??????????????????????

029 (768x1024)

This is a small bamboo and wood table with a pink marble top.

012 (1024x768) 014

013 (800x600)
An okay table with a messed up veneer.

turq coffee 003

My friend Rodney once asked me if I’ve ever had any “flip flops!”  The answer is YES!!!!  This is an example, but as my other friend Dave would call these, they’re “double back flips” because I hated how something turned out so I started over again.  This great little chair wasn’t being clear in telling me what it wanted to be!  But now it’s wicked cute in my opinion!

On the left is Mia modeling the fact that the yellow chair matched her eyes.  I was inspired by Jackson Pollock and decided to make a Splatter Chair.  It was too much.  So then I painted it a pretty robin’s egg blue.  Meh.

?????????????????????? 026  001
Finally it wanted to be periwinkle blue and to have fish on it like the child’s chair.

005 (600x800)   006 (800x600)

Everyone needs a bar cart!  Love this piece. It used to be a TV stand, but I think you need a bar cart more!

001 (800x600)026 (1024x768)
025 (1024x768)

These two tables just needed to be cleaned up!

010 (800x600)


There’s more, but I hope you’re like something you see and decide you HAVE to have it!  Let me know.


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