The Snow Has Kept Me Productive!

Here are three new pieces!  All adorable, in my humble opinion!

070  006 (768x1024)
This sad looking little piece needed a lot of love!  The top was unattached, but no more!  It needed a lot sanding and love but now it just needs a great home!

014 (768x1024) 016 (1024x768)

005 (1024x768) 003 (1024x768)

I’ve had this piece for a while and have been stumped on what to do with it.  It’s a storage unit but for what…that’s up to you!  Blankets?  Shoes?  Fire wood?  Toys? ANYTHING!

010 (768x1024) (2) 009 (1024x768)
I didn’t touch the inside, so it’s still all brown wood.  Yes, the snow did provide some inspiration!

The sad little table below was found on the side of the road in Ipswich.  The bottom part of the legs look like they had been chewed on by some animal.

068 (1024x768) 072 (1024x768) 069
I ended up cutting off the bottom of all the legs and added new ones.  It’s a low-ish table, but very usable!

023 (2) 019 (1024x768)

022 (1024x768)

New legs!!  They aren’t PERFECT, but they still look cute!!


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