Holiday weekend??

Holiday weekend?  What’s that?  I spent most of my weekend working mixed with a little bit of play.  I started a new job last week (Tues.- Sat. schedule) but I did go to Maine Saturday for an overnight trip.  It was good to get away, but it wasn’t enough time to really relax.  I headed back Sunday morning and had a productive day which included stopping by a fabulous flea market where I picked up a couple of good items to flip.

013 (800x600)       020 (800x600)

Here a couple of before pictures. The two chairs are actually 2 of 4.  They’re folding chairs, what a find!

Then the rest of Sunday was running errands, getting materials and flipping.  Monday was flip flip flip!!   Luckily it was a beautiful day yesterday so I took advantage of the outside space.  As you may know I have limited space in my apartment, so anytime I can work outside is great!!  I’m thankful for my neighbors who don’t mind!

017 (800x600)

The countdown is on!  My first flea market for the season is Sunday!  So much to do, so little time!



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