Somerville Flea Market 2014

Hi kids!   June 1 was opening day of the Somerville Flea Market and it was a great day!!  Perfect weather, lots of people and lots of sales!  Yippee!  Of course the only bad thing about that is the rapid flips I need to do now.  I was out of town this past week so tonight I’ve been frantically trying to finish up some pieces so I won’t have a sad looking stall on Sunday.  Pre-market Friday nights are stressful.  It doesn’t help when Mia the Purfect, jumps on a table I’ve just put a layer of protective coating!  Poor baby.  I should have known.  It’s the table she loves to get up on to watch me.

So here are a few photos from the first market day.  Most pieces sold!

008          011


My perspective.

And some of the pieces I’ll never see again.  😦    before and afters.


008 (768x1024)    037

003 (800x600) 002

It is sort of sad to let go of a piece that I’ve worked so hard on, and become attached to in some way.  But I also think it’s a good practice of learning to let go of things.  I’m a very sentimental person and I do become attached to things.  Knowing that the people who buy these pieces love them, makes me happy.   Knowing that I’ve given an other wise unloved, beat up, thrown away piece of furniture a new life is great!!  It makes me proud.



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