Some newish BEFORE and AFTERS

I haven’t posted any B&A photos for a while, so here are a few so you can see what else I’ve been up to!004 SOLD 009 (600x800)
I loved this little table, and it was the first thing I sold that day.  Perfect for a small plant, or book, or cup of tea.

019 (2)  006 (800x600)
This beautiful table came from a hoarder’s house! 

008 (800x600) SOLD 017 (800x600)
This was a great child’s desk.  I decided it also needed to be a chalkboard.  It was a hybrid of two of the things I loved most when I was little–my big chalkboard, and my red desk!

021 (600x800)  004 (600x800)
This also came from the hoarder’s house.  My friend Gus insisted I take this frame.  It’s c. 1870s frame for a mirror that would have set on a dresser.  I didn’t want it, I didn’t know what to do with it, but he convinced me.  I have picture frames dangling from ribbons but I don’t know that I love it.  I think I’m going to try putting in a cork board instead.

007 (600x800)  SOLD 004 (600x800)
There’s a saying “never say never” and it applies here!  This dresser is something I bought at Target several years ago.  It’s one of they cheap laminate pieces that aren’t meant to last.  But recently I found another dresser I wanted to keep so I need to get rid of this one.  I swore I wouldn’t work with anything made of particle board or laminate.  Well, guess what.  I decided it was in good condition so why not.  What I discovered is that you can’t sand it, and you can’t paint it!  So now what?  How about decoupage?  That worked!    I took it to the market and just asked for someone to make an offer.  A guy came up and wanted it and offered $35.  SOLD!  Yes, a guy.  I was a bit surprised because this is sorta girlie, but who am I to judge?

So those are just a few recent pieces.  I’ll more in a few days!





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