For Sale Now!! But also Sunday.

These are going to the flea market on Sunday!  Of course if you tell me you MUST have one of these pieces before I load them up on the van tomorrow it can be yours!!  I realized that most of my pieces have a feminine feel to them, so I’m trying to make some a little more masculine, or at least neutral! 

016 (600x800) 009 (600x800)
A child’s chair.  Cute!

004 (600x800) 026 (600x800)
A grown up’s chair!  I found this perfectly fine chair by the dumpster of a thrift shop.  It’s not old, and the earlier paint job was pseudo marbling.  I tried to make it less country looking.  I don’t know that I love it, but it’s better than it was!

017 (800x600) 041 (800x600)
I think this is my new favorite flip!  An adorable dressing table in  mint green and black.  VERY GLAM!!

035 (711x800)
Mia, my Director of Quality Control inspects.

004 (800x600)004 (600x800)
Kind of dull to begin with, but much better now.

More to come!


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