For Sale at the Somerville Flea!!

Here are a few pictures of just some of things I’ll have for sale this Sunday.  Come by and check them out.  Plus, I’d love to see you!

Befores are on the left, Afters on the right.

020 (800x600)        011 (600x800)

This is actually a set of four and the collapse!!  They’re musician’s chairs, but NO, you don’t have to be a musician to buy them. 🙂

032 (800x600) 005 (800x600)

This table is actually one of a pair.  Need some end tables?

002 (800x600) 001 (600x800)

013 (800x600) 004 (800x600)

002 (600x800) (2) 042 (600x800)


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