Chair Repair

Look what I’m learning to do!!   I hope I can save more chairs when I learn how to re-cane and repair their seats.  Stay tuned to see the progress as I go along.

I’m mad that I didn’t take a couple of photos of the chair before I started, but next time I will!!

009 (1024x768)        010 (768x1024)

Getting Ready for the Summer Flea Market

Here are few of the latest flips as I’m busy trying to get ready for the summer flea market.  The first day is Sunday, June 1 so if you’re anywhere near Somerville, MA come see me.Of course if you see something you like, and live near by you can buy now!!  Let me know!

Remember the Alien bookcase???  Here it is!  I love it!

007 (600x800)      031 (1024x768)

An adorable small side table.  I was inspired by the expensive designer shoes with the red soles!

005 (2) (1024x768)       015 (1024x768)

Below is a cute end table. I’m currently working another to  match it.  They aren’t a pair but when I’m finished with the second piece I’m hoping people will see them as an “unmatched pair!”

003 (768x1024)        012 (768x1024)

I love this chair!!

009 (768x1024)        047 (768x1024)

STAY TUNED!!  More before and after photos to come!!

“Make It Work!”

I think many of us understand the immortal words of Tim Gunn who says “Make it work.” to designers who are struggling on “Project Runway.” Even though what I do isn’t fashion, I still struggle with ideas, implementing them, and making what I have in my mind actually become a reality.

When I find a piece of furniture sometimes it tells me right away what it wants to be. Sometimes, I wait. Sometimes I make a decision and know exactly what I’m going to do, but as I’m sanding, painting, decoupaging,  etc., it all changes. Sometimes the piece just says “No. I don’t to be blue with checks, I want to be red with flowers.” I listen.  And usually it’s the right decision.

I was working on a piece this past weekend to be donated to the Salem Arts Festival. It was a table that I’ve had sitting around for several months and I’ve tossed around a few different ideas of what to do with it, but nothing definite.

033 (600x800)  It’s a good, solid, mid-century end table that just needed some pizazz. When I decided that this was the piece to flip and donate I knew I wanted it to relate to Salem somehow. No, not witches!!  I was thinking more along the lines of the beach.  My first idea I had I realized I just didn’t have the time to do.  I’ll save that idea for another piece!   My second idea was to do some sort of pattern on the top level that would be sorta cool and mod looking.  The stencil I used didn’t quite work out the way I wanted, so I just made it work. The pattern that emerged made it look like sand and pebbles! Perfect for Salem!  See?  It’s sorta cute….I thought at the time.  Sorta.

057 (800x600)

But as I looked at it over the next day, I realized “That doesn’t look like sand and pebbles! That looks like bird poop all over the top!!”

052 (800x600)YIKES!! NOT an attractive look for a table!

This realization was at about 1:00 p.m. yesterday and I needed to get the table to Kylie, the woman in charge of the event, that afternoon. So I looked at it and had to make a quick decision of how to re-flip the flip, or as my friend Dave called it “a double back flip.” LOL!

Enter the paper and decoupage fairies! It’s not a technique I’m great at, but I am getting better and I knew this would be a relatively quick fix and I could still get the table turned in. In the end, it I think it still has beachy feel, although maybe more Miami than Salem, but it’s cute, I like it and I made it work!!

005 (600x800) 006 (600x800) 007 (600x800)

Alien furniture???

So tonight I started to work on a bookcase.  It was a major sanding job…blech!!!

007 (600x800)

I don’t know what sort of varnish was on this piece, but when I went to wipe off all the dust and grime after the first sanding, the water beaded up and bounced!!

009 (1024x768)

Crazy!!  Is it an alien varnish?  Does the alien varnish turn the water into aliens!!  Yikes!!

Stay tuned!!


I’m Still Flipping!!

It’s been quite a while I know.  I took a bit of a break over the winter months, but I am getting back into flipping.  Spring is here (so the calendar says) which means summer is just around the corner.  Summer means I’ll be back at the Davis Flea selling my unique and what I think are beautiful pieces.  Just to show that I have been working, here are a few photos of Mia the Purrfect, Director of Quality Control, inspecting some new pieces.





She says it’s sturdy and comfortable to sit on.  She also notes the new lining inside and that she could fit in it.  BUT it wouldn’t hold of her toys.  I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for something bigger.

This simple little piece ended up being quite a headache.  I had to take the top part off then get the hinges back on which wasn’t as easy as you might think!


I got the paw stamp of approval!


Before and after…..

   ??????????????????????                                            004 (600x800)

My friend Christian found this piece on the sidewalk.  We couldn’t figure out exactly what it was in the past.  My guess is maybe for a telephone and telephone book???  Who knows.  But Christian, my friend Gillian and I decided I should market it as a cat throne.  Just put a little pillow in the “well” part and there you go!   It seems Mia agrees!!!

Gone But Not Forgotten!

Yesterday was my third flea market and it went fairly well.  Gale force winds dominated all afternoon, so many of us spent most of the time trying to hold down our tents.  Let me tell you, that’s a good workout for the arms!!  Three pieces were damaged when they went flying, but oddly enough, I still sold two of the three!!  Marked down prices help!

I haven’t posted many pictures lately so here are some of the pieces recently sold.  It is sad when I let a piece go, a piece I put time and energy into but I’m glad they’re going to good homes.  Most buyers really love the pieces.  So here the are…gone, but not forgotten!   More pictures to come!!

Image  ImageImage

Image    Image                  Image


The Purrfect Helper

Some people have husbands to help with projects, some people have wives.  Some people have significant others to help, some people have friends.  I have a cat.   Mia the Purrfect  follows me and loves to be with me when I’m working on furniture.  I’m sure she’s inspecting the spots I can see under the tables, shelves, etc.!



Mia inspecting my paint coverage under the table.


It was bound to happen some time….kitty paw prints in black paint!

First Flea Market

Well, today was my first time to sell at a flea market.  I guess it went as well as it could considering it was cold and RAINY all day!  Ugh!  Who ordered the rain?   I did sell three small pieces so that’s not too bad.  I didn’t bring too many things, which in the end was good so that I could keep things out of the rain…for the most part!   Note to self:  Add to “survival list” a sqeegee!!  

I also got good feedback from other vendors and customers.  We are all hopeful that next weekend will be fabulous!!  I have three more Sundays to go!ImageImage


Things I’ve Learned Today…

As you know, this flipping thing is a new hobby and I’m learning as I go.  Some big things, some little.

As I was loading up the rental van this afternoon for tomorrow’s flea market, I’ve learned :

1. I really need to work in day light or at least in a well lit room!!   Day light hours aren’t really possible. I guess I need to buy more lamps.

2. I shouldn’t try to do quick fix ups.  It will make things worse.  If the piece needs to be reworked or refined do it right.

3. I shouldn’t beat myself up.  I’m learning and must try to not be so hard on myself because things aren’t as perfect as I want them or expect them to be.